Managing invisible gases is challenging.

AROviz software renders the invisible, visible.

AROviz is a user-friendly software that helps manage emissions once measurement is underway, enabling the energy sector to visualize their atmospheric emissions in real-time on an interactive map, generate emissions statistics, and produce reports summarizing the downwind impacts.

AROviz is a sophisticated plume modelling tool. Not only does it allow visualization of emissions, but also leverages methane data to model other air toxic pollutants such as VOC’s and hydrogen sulfide. AROviz can be used as a regulatory compliance tool, an emergency response tool, and as a hub for storing, analyzing, and visualizing any emissions data the customer collects. 


Using your emissions measurement data, you’ll have the option to view the dispersion of several atmospheric gases in the past, present, and future.


With summary statistics constantly updated and displayed on an online dashboard, AROviz gets you more value out of the data already being collected by enabling you to track progress, gain an improved understanding of emission causes and effects, and communicate clearly to stakeholders.  


 Automatic report generation for external federal/provincial regulatory reporting or internal company reporting. 

Get more value out of the data you collect.

AROviz transforms your measurement data into actionable insights that create tangible outcomes. 


  • Replace the need to hire consultants
  • Emissions data storage and consolidation
  • Automated regulatory reporting
  • Visualize invisible gases in real-time
  • Emergency response dispersion modelling
  • Facility license permitting and planning
  • Informative tool for stakeholders
  • Corporate social responsibility