A cloud-based platform to

manage, track, and disclose emissions.

Managing invisible gases is challenging.

AROviz is a user-friendly software that helps you manage emissions data, allowing you to keep track of your company’s progress on emissions reductions, repairs, and reporting in real-time as data is uploaded. AROviz is a hub for compiling, analyzing, and visualizing emissions data.

AROviz is powered by proprietary algorithms that turn emissions data into actionable insights. 

Sensor agnostic, AROviz stores and analyzes data collected in any format.

How it works  

 AROviz determines the most cost-effective leak detection program, including validation of alternative measurement technologies via emission simulations.

Emission measurements collected via AROviz field app and synced with AROviz account or other method and then uploaded to AROviz account.

AROviz analyzes emissions data to provide actionable insights for regulatory compliance, operational & governance improvements.



Secure, cloud-based data storage.

Aggregate multiple data inputs. Input and analyze methane data from any source, regardless of service provider, measurement technology, or data format, including from alternative detection technologies (drone, plane, truck, fixed sensor etc.).

Data quality control procedures help to reconcile measurement discrepancies and identify outliers or errors.


View statistics and trends about methane emissions at upstream infrastructure as soon as data becomes available. 

Track reductions over time, overall rates, comparisons between technologies, vents versus fugitives, build an emissions inventory, collect a baseline, value of lost product, and understand patterns between site and equipment types.

Gain an improved understanding of emission causes and effects, enabling clear communication to stakeholders.  



Automated methane regulatory reporting. Export reports for upload to regulator portals.

Track leaks and repair confirmations as they occur, and receive notifications about sites that are overdue for repair to ensure regulatory timelines are met. Provide field personnel with information for repairing leaking equipment. 

Field Data Collection Mobile/Tablet App (right) for recording field measurements and tracking repairs.