The Founding team

Arolytics Inc. was formed as a spin-off company from one of the largest gas emissions research groups in Canada, based out of St. Francis Xavier University. Our expertise in data analysis and gas measurement science is well recognized across numerous industry associations and companies with whom we’ve partnered. Our background in academia provides a unique advantage, enabling us to apply a research-focused approach to problem solving.

 We help find novel solutions to critical challenges by working closely with clients in the early stages of every project, whether we’re providing advice, designing a monitoring program, or registering emitters on the cloud-based AROviz system. 

We look forward to tackling your big emissions challenges!


Liz O’Connell, BSc.

Liz O’Connell, BSc.

President and CEO (Calgary Office)

Liz has extensive experience in methane and air quality research. Having spent several years working to quantify, monitor, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from nearly a dozen energy developments across Canada, she has a thorough understanding of the oil and gas emissions landscape across the country, and the challenges faced by industry. As the head of business development, she looks forward to helping companies lower their emissions while saving money – a triple bottom line opportunity.
Emmy Atherton, BSc. MSc.

Emmy Atherton, BSc. MSc.

Product Development (Halifax Office)

Emmy is experienced at interpreting large emission measurement datasets. She graduated with an MSc. in Earth Science from St. Francis Xavier University where she completed a research thesis on quantifying Canadian oil and gas methane emissions. At Arolytics, Emmy drives product development by leveraging her computational skills and her knowledge of Canadian industrial emissions.
Dave Risk, BSc. MSc. PhD.

Dave Risk, BSc. MSc. PhD.

Science and Development Lead (Halifax Office)

Dave is an expert in gas measurement and quantification for the energy sector. He also holds 6 patents, from fiber optic gas measurements to computational approaches to gas emissions analysis. At Arolytics, he helps form strategy, drives business development, and applies his scientific expertise to project design. Outside of Arolytics Risk heads the FluxLab at St. Francis Xavier University, the largest gas measurement-specific research group in a Canadian University. Almost a decade ago he co-founded Eosense, a successful Dartmouth-based gas instrumentation company.

Core Values

We find novel solutions to critical challenges. Let us help you achieve top environmental standing, with maximum efficiency.

Environmental performance.
Accountability and integrity.
Responsiveness and service.
Continuous improvement.